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June 15, 2017
Hammock Masonry Fixing Kit
June 15, 2017
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Hammock Wood Fixing Kit

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A Hammock Wood Fixing Kit comes with two 70mm toughened steel eyelets, 8m of marine nylon rope and a brief booklet on how to secure your hammock to ceilings or posts.

It is pretty simple to support your Paradise hammock from a ceiling joist or any other kind of wooden support. If the woodwork is fully exposed, such as a floating beam simply wrap the nautical rope around the beam a few times and tie a secure knot.

Alternatively you can use a hardened metal self-screwing eyelet (approx. 70mm in length) and fix this into the centre of the timber.
Please note the wood fixing kit comes with 8 metres of nautical rope. Please singe the ends of the rope when cutting to length; to prevent the rope fraying.

Nautical rope will withstand many years of weathering and is a matching colour to the rope that loops through the end of the hammocks

Hammock Setup Tips

Material Nylon Marine Rope
Breaking Strength 2 Tons
Length 8m
Width 4.5mm
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