Child Hammocks



Please note we only recommend the child size hammock for up to 9 years of age, because of its length.
It has the same weight capacity as the single and double hammock
A bit of a luxury you may think, but if you want to find a most appreciative and discerning user of a hammock, look no further than your own children!

The children’s hammock can serve three uses;

  1. A means to soothe an agitated baby
  2. A great toy to play all kinds of imaginary games, from Pirates to Peek-a-Boo.
  3. An extra bed, which can be set up and packed away in minutes.

Hammocks in Latin America have been used for thousands of years to calm a weary child and send them off to their parent’s favourite country; sleepy land! The gentle swaying and reassuring envelope of the hammock creates an ideal environment for a young baby trying to relax into unconsciousness.
Traditional string hammocks have caused alarm in the states, because of horror stories of babies becoming entwined in the hammock; however a Paradise Hammock is made from a solid sheet of Parachute Silk, which is a semi-porous fabric; which eliminates any risk of the child becoming ensnared in the hammock or smothered by it.
However a child/babies safety is obviously the paramount issue and for this reason we recommend you read the instruction manual that we include with every Paradise Hammock sold.

A cure for colic

Unfortunately there is no 100% solution to this miserable affliction, but the rocking motion of a hammock can help ease the discomfort experienced by young babies suffering with colic. The rocking motion helps release the small bubbles of gas trapped in the baby’s intestines. A hammock can help. Gentle massage of the stomach and lower back are probably a necessary first step to bringing relief to your baby.

Tired of being tired? If your little bundle of joy is suffering with teething or is unable to relax back into sleep after the middle of the night feed, then the rocking motion of a hammock and how it cocoons a small baby will allow you to soothe it back to sleep quickly and with much less effort than the tradition of standing and rocking them. When you are standing up cradling the baby, it is sometimes difficult for the baby to get comfortable enough to drift off, not to mention your arms eventually feel like dead weights! This is especially true if you are blessed with a big baby!

The baby will probably look for the reassurance of the smell of the parent, so a single size hammock allowing the parent to lie down with the baby and rock them to sleep would be more practical. Sometimes a top/vest worn by the mother holds her scent well enough to give the baby that reassurance, if you lay that under the baby in the hammock. A hammock can be suspended in the baby’s bedroom and hung to one side when not needed; only requiring one hand and 5 seconds to hook through the second wall fixing point. We recommend once the baby has settled back into sleep moving them back to their normal bed.

If you are a parent already then I think you would agree the cost and time involved in creating a secure fixing for a hammock would be money well spent compared with the many nights of broken sleep experienced by most parents!