Hammocks Chairs

Hammock Chair technical description

The Hammock Chair is made from parachute silk, reinforced with strong nylon webbing, combined with a brushed aluminium frame. The Hammock Chair has a footrest suspended from the top bar, which adds to the comfort factor. By sliding the side support ropes forwards or backwards you can adjust the angle the chair reclines at. This allows you to find that perfect position to feel at your most comfortable. It can be adjusted to take all the pressure off your lower back, which if suffering a back injury can be a godsend in giving temporary relief from what is a disabilitating condition.

The nautical rope attached to the top of the Hammock Chair allows you to simply hang your chair from a single tree branch, an uncovered beam or anything that will be strong enough to support your weight. We also sell fixing rope separately for those harder to reach branches. This can be easily attached to the top of the Hammock Chair either by the use of a ā€˜Sā€™ Hook or a secure knot. The Hammock chair can recline into any position. It will recline to the bow position for dozing or all the way forward for reading. The chair conforms to the contours of your back so not only is it extremely relaxing, it also supports the spinal column alleviating pressure on the vertebra, often the cause of backpain.


  1. Made of Parachute Silk (breathing fabric)
  2. Extremely Strong & Durable
  3. Lightweight (ideal for travelling)
  4. Requires only one fixing point
  5. Moisture Resistant

Available in four colours with complimentary nylon webbing
Lightweight and compact enough that you can take it on your back, (using its all-in-one strap/sleeve), when going for a walk in the woods, or set it up in the garden or use within your home.

The hammock chair comes in one standard size which everybody can use and is available in a choice of four colours.