Masonry Fixing Kits

Hanging your hammock (Brickwork, Masonry, Stone)

The easiest way to support your Paradise hammock from brickwork, concrete or stone walls is to set an expansion bolt into your brickwork (not suitable for cement block type walls unless they are reinforced). The most commonly available expansion bolt is the M8. To fix the bolt you will need a hammer action power drill, a 12mm and a 4-6mm masonry drill bit. If you are drilling into brickwork you should first locate the centre of the brick, as this is the strongest part.
Once you have marked where your fixing point is going to be drill a small pilot hole with the 4-6mm drill bit and then enlarge it with the 12mm bit to accommodate the expansion bolt. Ensure that the expansion bolt has not already been expanded, tap it into the hole and turn it until it is tight. Attach the nautical rope to the hammock hooks and fixing points and set desired height. Once attached, ease your weight onto the hammock and recheck the bolt – it will probably need to be retightened.
Repeat this operation a few times until the bolt is firmly secure.

DON’T FORGET! We also supply wood fixing kits for beams or garden posts and self-supporting hammock stands. Remember that Paradise Hammocks are very versatile and can be hung almost anywhere in less than a minute!

Hammocks are a great and fun way of relaxing especially when hung safely and correctly. Wherever you choose to hang your hammock and whatever method you decide to use, the key factor is to check that it is secure by slowly easing your weight onto the hammock.

Paradise hammocks are a very versatile and portable piece of kit and it’s worth finding a few different places where it can be hung, to find its perfect equilibrium. For example, if it is hung too taut or too slack you will not experience its full potential. The ideal position for the hammock hooks are approximately 11ft (3.3m) apart and 6ft (1.8m) high giving the hammock a nice loose arc.
A length of nautical rope should be attached to the hammock hooks and the arc should continue up to the fixing points. The fixing points at each end do not necessarily have to be 11ft (3.3m) apart as you can use the nautical rope from the hooks to extend the arc. It’s also worth noting that the fixing points do not have to be at the same height. For example, one end could be at 11ft (3.3m) high and the other at 8ft (2.4m) high – just make sure that the hammock hooks are at an equal height.