Camping Hammocks

Camping Hammocks are made from parachute silk and pack away into their own sown in pouch. They are super lightweight and compact; weighing under 1 kilogram and being the size of a bag of sugar. Camping hammocks are designed to be used instead of a tent when backpacking or globe trotting.

A camping hammock is an ideal piece of kit for the backpacker or hiker; giving the weary traveller a comfortable rest in a forest,a jungle or by a tropical beach.

These camping hammocks can be set up and packed away in under a minute. More importantly they give you a very comfortable night’s sleep in locations where pitching a tent is either difficult or uncomfortable.
The hammock packs away into it’s own sewn in pouch. These camping hammocks will fit into the side pocket of a backpack.

As well as serving as a camping hammock they also can be used as an extra bed for the home or in your garden.

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