Woven Cotton Hammocks

Garden Hammocks
Handwoven 100% cotton blanket hammocks.
Ideal for your garden or home. The blanket hammocks protect from any breeze which may spoil your siesta in the garden.

Our range of garden hammocks gives you a real appreciation of your garden and being outdoors; relax and enjoy the sun and fresh air in unparalleled comfort!

Nothing equals the pleasure of swaying gently in a hammock with a good book, an iced drink and perhaps a hat to shade your eyes. Watch the clouds drift by, feel your anxities slip away and succumb to that guilty pleasure of a quick snooze. You don’t have to jump on a plane for foreign climes to relax when you can be doing some hard earned stress busting lying in a hammock in your own back garden.
If you are experiencing backache a hammock can be just what the doctor ordered! When you lie diagonally across a hammock,(the correct way), it allows your spine to stretch helping release trapped nerves or tight muscles, which is often the cause of back pain.
Our 100% cotton hammocks are lovely to lie in giving you the luxuriant pleasure of a natural fibre next to your skin.

We offer masonry and wood fixing kits for hammocks for those with weight bearing masonry walls or wooden posts. They come with instructions giving you all the info on how to hang a hammock.
We also offer a range of modernist hammock chairs which have all the benefits and pleasure of lying in a hammock, while being able to hang it from a single fixing point.
Happy hammocking people!

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