Black & Red Hammock Chair

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The Paradise Hammock chair has been designed to be as versatile and robust as it’s counter-part; the hammock in a bag. While looking very stylish it is probably one of the most comfortable chairs you’ll ever buy!

Lightweight and compact enough that you can take it on your back, (using its all-in-one strap/sleeve), when going for a walk in the woods, or set it up in the garden or use within your home.

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105 x 15 x 15 cm

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Like the hammock it relieves pressure on the lower back and can be adjusted to get that perfect position; unique to your body. It will support a person of 120 Kgs, being made from parachute silk; triple stitched to cotton webbing and the brushed aluminum bars give total support with the minimum of additional weight.

It only weighs 1.5Kg(3lb 7oz) and takes only a few minutes to set up. Unlike traditional hammocks this needs only one fixing point, which holds the top spreader bar, off which the side bars can be slid back and forth to angle the chair into a reclining or vertical position to suit.

The Hammock Chair has a side pocket on both sides to hold a drink, a book and your phone!


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