Orange Camping Hammock

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A compact hammock made from parachute silk which packs away into its own pouch in seconds. Take on your travels whether going for a walk or globe-trotting

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Size open

3.5m long x 1.64m wide; 11’ 6” x 5’ 4” wide

Size packed

200mm x 220mm (8” x 9”)


550gm; (1 pound 4 ounces)

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Ideal for backpacking, camping, touring and sailing. This camping hammock will support up to 120Kg (264lb).

The real joy of this travel hammock is how easy it is to set up and pack away!

The travel hammock can be ready to use in in under 30 seconds and packed away in the same time.

We also supply hammock fixing kits and nautical rope designed to withstand the same weathering and loads as the other hammock components.

At each end of the hammock is a loop of rope with a toughened S hook attached. The loop of rope is only 20cm long (8 inches). The S hook attaches to a fixing rope. If you don’t have a fixing rope you will need to buy one.


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