Setup Tips

Camping Hammock and Chair Setup Tips

Below are some diagrams and photos to show you how to set up a camping hammock for maximum comfort. If you want a more detailed explanation of how to fix a hammock securely you can download two .PDF files which open with Adobe Reader. In them you have an explanation on how to fix a hammock into brick walls or wooden joists or posts.

Click Here to view detailed information for the setup of your Hammock using the Wood Fixing kit.

Click Here to view detailed information for the setup of your Hammock using the Masonry fixing kit.

At Paradise Hammocks we understand that not all of our visitors will have two ideally placed trees from which to hang a hammock!

Hammock fixing kits are available in the shop

Positioning of the Paradise Hammock

Paradise hammocks are a very versatile and portable piece of kit and it’s worth finding a few different places where it can be hung, to find its perfect equilibrium. For example, if it is hung too taut or too slack you will not experience its full potential. The ideal position for the hammock hooks are approximately 11ft (3.3m) apart and 6ft (1.8m) high giving the hammock a nice loose arc.

A length of nautical rope should be attached to the hammock hooks and the arc should continue up to the fixing points. The fixing points at each end do not necessarily have to be 11ft (3.3m) apart as you can use the nautical rope from the hooks to extend the arc. It’s also worth noting that the fixing points do not have to be at the same height. For example, one end could be at 11ft (3.3m) high and the other at 8ft (2.4m) high – just make sure that the hammock hooks are at an equal height.


How to attach your rope…

Wrap around tree, pole or object of your choice

Thread the end of the rope through the loop

Tension rope prior to choosing hook settings

Fix hook to the desired knot setting

How to climb in….

Make sure you have mounted the hammock securely

Sit towards the edge and hold onto the sides

PIVOT on your bottom and swing your legs in

LAY BACK, enjoy and RELAX

Various settings….



Sitting The right way to hang your hammock

The wrong way to hang your hammock